Mrs. Kaleigh Brickmeier



Mrs. Kaleigh Brickmeier started her career as an animal keeper at Joel Slaven's Professional Animals. She completed her senior research internship with the Marine Science Center where she conducted the third year of a multi year biological census of the artificial reefs of Ponce Inlet Florida. Mrs. Brickmeier attended Stetson University where she graduated and received her Bachelors of Science in Marine Biology. She soon realized that her true calling was to share her knowledge and passion for the sciences with everyone, especially in a classroom setting. Now she spends her days sharing her passion and talking to turtles. Mrs. Brickmeier was honored to be named Rookie Teacher of the Year 2020-2021 by her fellow colleagues at Lake Success Academy. Her goal is to continue to learn educational best practices to create a safe, engaging and enthusiastic learning environment.