Lake Success Academy provides rigorous standards-based instruction which is differentiated to meet the needs of diverse learners. Opportunities for students to read, write, think and talk are incorporated into every classroom, every day. 


Restorative Practices (RP) is an emerging social science employed by Lake County Schools to strengthen relationships between individuals when harm is done, as well as social connections within communities. They focus on responsibility and repairing harm. RP provides a way of talking and responding to issues through the use of practices such as Circles. Within a circle, all participants are involved to discuss their feelings, explain what happened, and to find a solution in a respectful and effective way. 


Students at Lake Success Academy may receive individualized counseling to address their unique social and emotional needs to help maximize their chances for educational success. 

Students at Lake Success Academy may also engage in small group counseling once a week to develop and practice social and emotional coping skills. 

Topics include: 

•How to recognize and manage stress and frustration. 

•How to manage anger and emotions. 

•How to develop and maintain healthy friendships. 

•How to get organized and manage distractions. 

•How to effectively give and receive feedback. 

•How to use effective language to communicate.